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The Tweenees V.I.P. programme is a range of resources which can be put together to make lessons about domestic abuse, sexism, bullying, racism, homophobia, gender issues, etc. There is a DVD with 11 scenes on it which include: domestic abuse, sexual exploitation, Internet dangers, peer pressure, drugs and a range of other issues, a story book, jigsaws, activity books, workbooks and several games.

Resources are adapted for hearing, learning and visually impaired children. The resources are used in structured lessons within schools and communities to encourage discussion, challenge and change attitudes and encourage disclosures.

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Aims and objectives of the programme

Exerpt from the Wee VIP DVD

See an excerpt from the DVD here

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Jonny Cool

Jonny Cool

Award winning storybook that helps to teach children about persinal safety and how to deal with difficult situations and feelings