Accredited VIP Trainer

Basic Qualifications Required:    Enhanced SRO check (or equivalent) and V.I.P. Training Certificate and be an approved V.I.P. Accredited Worker

In addition to the basic qualifications, those wishing to become Accredited V.I.P. Trainers will be required to write a training programme and submit this to Eighteen And Under for grading. A Pass Grade is essential. The candidate must also take part in a graded observed practice of their training methods and register with Eighteen And Under as an Approved Provider. This registration must be renewed every 2 years and an admin fee of £10 will be required before a certificate of approval is issued.

Observed practice of training can be achieved by delivering a V.I.P. training session observed by an Eighteen And Under approved V.I.P. Trainer. Delivery of this training would be graded by the V.I.P. trainer and a Pass Grade is necessary in order to obtain the Accredited V.I.P. Trainer Qualification. 

Candidates can reapply for approval and registration within a month of receiving a fail grade. An admin cost of £10 will be required each time a candidate reapplies.

Approval and registration can be removed at any time if Eighteen And Under or V.I.P. is brought into disrepute by any action, inaction or any criminal act carried out or condoned by the approved person.