All aspects of the VIP programe are constantly reviewed and evaluated and are continously improved and updated based on feedback from participants, social changes and their introduction to new ethnicities and countries.

University of Dundee Research

One specific piece of research which was jointly funded by the University of Dundee, Dundee City Council Education Department and Eighteen And Under looked closely at the Tweenees resources compared these to other violence prevention resources across the globe.

The Child Care and Protection team within the School of Education, Social Work and Community Education at the University of Dundee conducted the evaluation, which is the most extensive international literature review of the effectiveness of school based abuse prevention programmes to date.

The wide ranging study concluded that, in comparison to other studies in the literature review, the Tweenees part of the VIP Programme, delivered in schools to pupils between 8 and 13 years old,   was the first programme to demonstrate a high level of disclosure of different forms of abuse within the lessons.

Around 400 pupils in primary 7, first and second year were included in the delivery of four Tweenees sessions in their class. Most pupils (over 90%) felt they had been given enough information to decide whether to tell if they were being harmed in some way

The costs summated per pupil, per school and per disclosure by both additional and total costs would suggest in monetary terms that such programmes are a cost-effective way of providing abuse prevention education for a large number of pupils at a minimal cost. Total costs were worked out per pupil, per school and per disclosure for the intervention group. Sessions run by Eighteen And Under were seen as most cost effective, totalling only £4.95 per pupil or £21.71 per disclosure.

See a powerpoint presentation summarising the research here.

Or find out more about the publication papers and where to find them here.

Sexual Exploitation The Scale of the Problem in Dundee:

Our new report deliveres the results of research into sexual exploitation and human trafficking in Dundee.  Similar research is being planned for other Scottish cities.

The research was carried out by No-1 (no-one), is a joint project set up by the charities Eighteen And Under and Izzy’s Promise.  Read the full 'scale of the problem' report here.


Supporting violence prevention work in the Middle East

VIP is involved in research into the impact of violence prevention programmes on young people in the Middle East. The following 2 reports have been prepared in addition to the VIP one by Dr Ian Barron from the University of Dundee.

Pilot Project - Evaluation of the Children and War Foundation Recovery Manual across Palestinian (West Bank) Schools

Pilot Project – Evaluation of the Healing Trauma and Combating Hatred programme


Participate in research

Although this study was conducted in 2008, the evaluation of the effectiveness of the resources continues today and organisations can participate whilst trying some of the VIP resources free of charge.