About our resources

All of our resources are evidence based and have been fully evaluated.

They have been developed over the past 15 years. The types of resources available include

The resources are designed to engage with children, young people and vulnerable adults to make learning about complex issues of safety from violence both fun and achievable.

All resources are age appropriate.

They tackle all forms of violence and abuse including sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence, racism, homophobia, bullying, sectarianism, sexism and gender issues.

The resources seek to challenge and change the attitudes which lead to violence and encourage children to make early disclosures of violence and abuse so that it can be identified and dealt with sooner.





Happy DogWee VIP (ages 2-6)


For young children there are story books, A DVD, games and a fully photocopyable resource pack.

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Tweenees (ages 7-12)

For primary age children there are novels, games, a DVD, workbooks and a fully photocopyable resource pack.

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Teen VIPTeen VIP (ages 13-18)

For teenagers there is a DVD, workbooks, novels, games and a fully photocopyable resource pack.

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Senior VIPSenior VIP Resources

For senior citizens and vulnerable adults there are workbooks, safety sheets, games and a DVD.

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Specialised ResourcesSpecialised resources

A number of our resources have been adapted for use with people with learning difficulties and special needs. Some of our DVDs have been translated into Arabic and Kurdish. We are also working on Polish translations.

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Books & PoetryBooks & Poetry

There are books on dealing with survivors of abuse and understanding all types of abuse, including ritual abiuse. There are also a number of poetry books written by survivors.

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