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VIP (Violence is Preventable)

VIP is an internationaly acclaimed, evidence based personal safety and violence prevention programme. It is continually being developed based on extensive research, continual evaluation and partnership working.

Something for everyone

The programme has elements which work with many different age groups, nationalities and mental and physical abilities, including:

Many of our resources have been translated into other languages. This is an ongoing process that relies on a mixture of volunteers and, hopefully some future funding.

Accredited training

Agencies and individuals can become accedited VIP trainers. Research has shown that people who learn the ethos and delivery style from our experienced and quallified trainers are far more successful at encouraging participants to disclose abuse, and to modify violent or unacceptable behaviour.

Global Partnerships

As well as belonging to the network created by World Health Organisation's Violence Prevention Alliance, VIP is being developed with partners in Poland, Palestine, Australia, Georgia, Brazil and England.

Participate in Research

If you are interested in becoming involved in the research work we do, we will be glad to hear from you.

Extensive list of resources

We have developed a large number of resources that support the delivery of the VIP programme. You will be able to view samples of some of them in this site and many can be bought as books, packs, games, DVDs and EBook downloads.