thoughts on the NSPCC and Jimmy Savile

On Thursday the NSPCC released the following statement about the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal:

“It’s now looking possible that Jimmy Savile was one the most prolific sex offenders the NSPCC has ever come across. We have received over 136 calls directly relating to allegations against him which we’ve passed to the police. It’s important we recognise the brave step victims have taken in coming forward and we urge any other victims to do the same.

Now I’m sorry but really? In 128 years they’ve never come across a more prolific abuser than Jimmy Savile?

What about this guy – William Goad. who abused up to 3,500 boys? Or this one, Daniel Taylor who amassed 300,000 images of child pornography?

Could it possibly be that the NSPCC is jumping on the Jimmy Savile bandwagon? It’s certainly a good way to get your name in the news.

There’s a lot of news about Savile at the moment, as well there should be, about the police investigation and the emerging hints that the police are investigating people that are still alive – could this be the emergence of the first ‘celebrity sex-ring’? But only 3 days ago there was another big story about the rise in trafficking in the UK which the government have said that there has been a rise in the number of trafficked people known of by the authorities (therefore the real number will be much higher).

This story was the top story on Wednesday morning, but by wednesday afternoon the story was nowhere to be seen. It had been replaced by a story about the prime minister confusing everyone over energy costs. The trafficking story wasn’t even on the BBC main website. Why? Why is this story about hundreds of men, women and children being trafficked for forced labour and sex-work less interesting than a dead famous child abuser? The same goes for the Rochdale sex-ring story, it only appeared in the news for two days and then vanished again. Yet the Savile story has been going for weeks now.

I think Jimmy Savile is an easy story tbh. It’s easy to say ‘oh this man was evil and we didn’t notice, so we need loads of enquiries to figure it out’. We don’t hear anyone shouting about the need for enquiries into Rochdale or the rise in trafficking. The fact is that (assuming the accusations about Savile are correct) he got away with it because we all thought he was a nice guy – just like the majority of child abusers out there. We maybe hear something about someone we know and we think ‘but he/she’s so nice, I simply can’t imagine them doing something like that.’ That’s how abusers get away with it. By being above suspicion in public, and by threatening, cajoling, blackmailing, controlling etc in private.

One thing is for certain. My memories of ‘Jim’ll fix it’ are forever tainted.

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  1. pete mitchell says:

    What the NSPCC will not say ,despite me asking and re-asking them is if they knew,or had had complaints about this man before the ITV documentary.

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