Scary times in the Centre

The Halloween party in the Centre was the scariest party ever. The Centre was redecorated with spooks and scary things and there was a haunted walk round the Centre. The air was full of spooky fog. There were strange and scary noises, cracks, groans and screams. The screams were from the adults who were taken on the ghost walk! Ghosts and monsters appear everywhere and the dead walked. The children and young people did not seem as scared as the adults. One adult, who shall remain nameless, was too scared to even go on the ghost walk.

Then there was the amazing food. Dooking for apples and the usual crazy games, made crazier by the young volunteers. It was fun! Fun! Fun! The best bit though, was when a worker was trying to be scary during the spooky story and his hand went through the glass on the door. It was pretty funny.

This party was organised entirely by the young volunteers. They planned everything, cooked, cleaned, decorated and organised the games. All credit to the young people.

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