Peer Educators in schools

Our peer educators have been doing a fantastic jobs recently. In a high school, training was provided to 2 young people from every PSE class in 2nd year in how to deliver a Violence Is Preventable programme to their peers. With support from volunteers and staff from 18u, these peer educators then went on and delivered the programme to their classmates. It was a dynamic and empowering process and a brilliant way to cascade information, tackle a range of social issues and help young people communicate effectively with each other.

This was a pilot project and the evaluation is currently being written up. The teaching staff have already communicated that they found this project really interesting and thought provoking. Young people listen to other young people and seem more able to learn from each other. Having observed several of the peer educators delivering the programme to their classmates, i was very impressed by their maturity, the respect they showed each other and their classmates and the highly interesting discussions that were generated.

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