We were very kindly given rather a lot of computer monitors free of charge to do anything we want with. We still have some spare if anyone is needing one. A small donation would be welcomed in return, but is not essential.


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Our new campaign

We are currently contacting every school in the whole of the UK to offer them access to some free Violence Is Preventable resources. This is part of our new campaign to share our abuse prevention resources as widely as we can. Given that schools are increasingly restricted in what they can buy, we thought we’d make it possible for them to access some of ours free. For anyone else wanting access to some free downloads, go to and have a look.

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Children’s Worker wanted

We have a vacancy just now for a children’s worker. The job is currently advertised in the local job centre and on the SCVO web site. It is open to anyone aged 18-24 and the job is currently for 24 weeks. You only need to have experience of working with children, good people skills and a caring personality.

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Open Day at the Centre

We are having an Open Day on the 19th of September. All are welcome to come along, bring friends and family and come down to see what we all do. There are a number of charities that share the resources in the Centre and this will be a good opportunity to find out what the different charities do and how we are able to all work together effectively. As well as Eighteen And under, there is Izzy’s Promise which works with ritual abuse survivors, 18 Plus which works with adult survivors of abuse, Different Visions Celebrate which supports LGBT young people and several more smaller charities.

All are welcome to come to our Open Day.


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Between the Lines

Some of our young people have created an exciting new project called Between The Lines. This project seeks to raise awareness of young people and self harm and is aimed at young people and parents and carers. The young people are putting together an art show, are fund raising and have even provided support and training to a number of individuals and agencies. All the young people have experience of self harm and they are able to provide peer support to other young people. Anyone interested look for them of Facebook or phone Keiran on 013832 206222

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Digital DVDs

Our DVDs are still being digitalised and should soon be ready for download from our website. There have been a few hiccups but hopefully we should be able to provide a link soon.

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Young Volunteers Wanted!

Our Learn to Listen Peer project continues to be increasingly busy, mostly in the evenings and at weekends. Lots of exciting things are being planned with the latest a camp and a big party for halloween. Evenings are exciting with games and film nights, sign language, baking and walks. It’s not all fun mind you as there is also the more serious side of making sure younger more vulnerable people are supported to join the activities and make friends.

Due to an increased demand for support services, we need more young volunteers. we are especially keep to find young people with life experience who can understand what other younger people might be going through. Ages 16 to 20 would be pretty perfect. We offer support and training, expenses and fun while doing something very worthwhile.

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Our leaky roof

Once again we are enjoying the weather outside, inside. That roof of ours continues to be a massive problem. It’s at times like this we really miss Bobby. Bobby was a roofer who used to come and fix our roof regularly for the price of the materials. He never wanted anyone to know about his good deeds with us and it was only after he died that we were able to say. We miss him.

We have tried to see if the charitable Mr Keane of Keene Slaters would offer us a discount given as he is so public about helping kids but sorry no discounts for children’s charity is available.

If anyone knows any reasonable or even cheap roofers, please send them our way so we can get put the buckets away and the desks back.

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V.I.P. is going Digital

Our Violence Is Preventable resources are currently being digitalised thanks to our new worker. Our DVD’s have all been uploaded so that they can be easily downloaded, some of our games are being turned into apps and some of our video clips will soon be available to watch on you tube. It is a very exciting time just now with this and other new projects keeping us so busy that we have had to take on more staff to keep up.

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18u comes of age

Back in April 1994 a small group of women had a dream. We ¬†worked in a rape crisis centre as volunteers (no paid staff back then) at the time and listened to many hundreds of women (and the occasional man) who had experienced sexual abuse. Almost without exception we heard about early life experiences of childhood sexual abuse. We talked and wondered if there was any way that we could intervene earlier. We thought that maybe, if we could provide a service for younger women, we could help them come to terms with their childhood experiences and perhaps prevent them going on to become victimised in later life. So, the Young Women’s Project was born. Within a few years, we became independent and changed our name to the Young Women’s Centre. Following this, under pressure from the young women themselves, we transformed into Eighteen And Under, an organisation providing support and information to all young people affected by any kind of abuse.

We dream on! We are now a healthy organisation consisting of men, women, girls and boys who are all determined to stop abuse and help those who have experienced abuse. Unfortunately we still have a long way to go but our ultimate aim is to have no need to exist any longer.


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