Is this the least surprising development in the Savile case?

While perusing the BBC website today I came across this headline BBC News – Jimmy Savile: Gary Glitter arrested over sex offences.

Now I realise this may sound flippant, but I think this must be one of the most predictable headlines ever. Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter? Working together? I never would have thought that would be possible *sarcasm*. As I said in a previous post, could it be that a celebrity sex ring is about to come to light? After all the police are calling their investigation ‘Savile and others’, that’s ‘others’ – plural.

Really it’s only been a matter of time before something like this hit the papers, celebrities have a lot of influence and power over vulnerable people. There’s always been the assumption that young girls (and boys) that hang around the back stage entrances to theatres and concert venues are ‘up for it’. And the thing is that some of them probably are, but many of them are genuine fans that can easily become star struck and influenced by their idols – who are almost always older than the fans.

Rock stars have often taken advantage of the young people ‘on offer’ to them when on tour, so it shouldn’t surprise us that other celebrities would do the same. That said, there is a difference in taking advantage of a fan that’s hanging around back stage, and purposely bussing vulnerable youngsters in in order to abuse them. But we should recognise that both situations are equally abusive and wrong. This is when we start to get into society’s double standards – Savile is evil for abusing youngsters that looked up to him, but girls that end up in bed with a rock star after a concert only have themselves to blame, after all everyone knows what goes on.

Maybe it’s time that we started to make clear that it is aways wrong, no matter what the circumstances, to take advantage of another human being for the purposes of self-gratification. Maybe it’s time we started teaching everyone how to keep themselves safe.

There’s certainly one thing that’s for sure, we’ve not heard the end of the ‘shock’ revelations

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