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Welcome to the blogging site for all of the Charities located at 1 Victoria Road Dundee.

You can visit our individual sites by following the links above, but this is the place where we will all post our latest news and updates.  please feel free to share these with your friends and colleagues.

About VIP

VIP is an internationaly acclaimed, evidence based personal safety and violence prevention programme. It is continually being developed based on extensive research, continual evaluation and partnership working.

The programme has elements which work with many different age groups, nationalities and mental and physical abilities, including:

  • Toddlers
  • Nursery age children
  • Primary age children (5-12)
  • Teenagers
  • Young people with behavioural issues
  • Adults with learning difficulties
  • Senior citizens

Many of our resources have been translated into other languages. This is an ongoing process that relies on a mixture of volunteers and, hopefully some future funding.

About 18u

Eighteen And Under is a registered charity based in Dundee that offers confidential support and information to any young person, aged 18 and under, who has experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse.

About Izzy’s Promise

Izzy’s Promise is a confidential organisation which provides support and information to survivors of ritualised abuse.  Through this work Izzy’s Promise has over the last 10 years gathered expertise into the needs of people that have been trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation.  Izzy’s Promise is also based in Dundee and has worked with people from all over the world.

About No-1

Project No-1 was set up in 2011 to specifically work on the issue of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.  The project seeks to reach those involved and provide support and information to these most vulnerable individuals, and to assist them in exiting exploitation.

Project No-1 also works on the prevention of sexual exploitation and human trafficking by working directly with young people in schools around Scotland, raising their personal safety skills and thereby enabling young people to keep themselves and each other safe from harm.  The school programme also enables and empowers young people to disclose any abuse which allows for early intervention.

Project No-1 is also developing a similar programme for use with parents of young children.

About 18+

18 Plus is the only current service provider for male survivors in the Tayside area.

The charity offers support and information to men who have been or are being abused in any way. We provide supoport via the phone, over the internet, or face to face to male survivors, agencies and friends/family of survivors..



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